Fake Doctor’s Notes – Legitimize Your Absence without Leave

If you have gone on an absence without leave from your place of work, you could be in for a big trouble. The reality is that whether by omission or commission, a lot of people find themselves having to leave work without getting the necessary permission from their employer.

The reason could be because of some personal crisis, pre planned vacation, or sudden illness. To convince your employer that you have gone AWOL for a reason you cannot control, you have to use medical excuse. At least, this is one excuse that employers are required by labor laws to accept. However, you may have to prove that you truly have medical conditions that warranted your absence.

To help you deal with all these, you can make use of fake doctor’s notes. This is a note that tells the employer that you have been sick and visited a doctor. The medical excuse can claim that your sickness was as a result of a medical emergency that could not permit you communicate with the office about your absence.

It is one thing to submit a fake doctor’s note for absent without leave but it is also important to make it look original and believable. If the note is not really coming from your doctor then it is faked but there are features you must ensure are in place to make the note look believable. These features include:

  • The note should come with the style and format of a real medical excuse.
  • The descriptions and verbiage used in the note must relate to medical.
  • The print quality of the note must be high
  • There must be basic details like names, address, and signature of the doctor that has signed the document
  • If possible, let there be supplementary documents attached to the fake doctor’s note. For instance, consultation forms and receipts of medications bought can be attached.

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